Thursday, September 22, 2011

About the class

It looks hard, but its really quite simple, in fact you can’t make a mistake.

You will begin with a print of a photo of shoes which is fused and ironed to a background. 

Assemble the quilt and free motion stitch as if you are drawing.

But there are a few tricks to learn…. you will astound your friends and marvel at the results.

The back of the quilt

 A 10” X 8” picture of a pair of shoes printed on fabric.
A colored photo of the same image.
A 10” X 8” piece of fusible web. (steam a seam lite single)
1 piece of thin cotton batting 25” X 25”
1 piece of good quality fabric 25” X 25” (this if for the backing of your quilt)
1 piece of colored fabric 25” X 25” for the background of the quilt… (small print)
1 pkt 70/10 Schmetz microtex needles
50 weight threads to match the colors in your quilt.
20 small safety pins to pin the quilt

These are a few samples of other designs.

This quilt is still in process... it's thread painted with free motion zig zag stitch.

This quilt shows both techniques, free motion zig zag and plain stitching.

This is a tiny quilt, 2" X 3"


  1. Pam, I am in your class in Houston. It is not clear --Will you provide the picture/shoes on fabric for us or do we have to bring something?? Looking forward to having lots of fun. Thanks.

  2. I "sew" enjoyed your class and I plan on getting back to my cowboy boots next week after catching up at home! Thank you so much, it was a thrill of my life! Pamela Graham